100 Things to do when bored.

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How to pass time?

Boredom  -This is a common word we often here. Actually it is a state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in his surroundings.

There are three types of boredom all of which involve problems of engagement of attention. These include times when we are prevented from engaging in unwanted activity, When we are forced to do unwanted activity, or when we are simply unable for no apparent reason to maintain engagement in unwanted activity. This can also be described as a condition categorized by perception of one’s environment as dull tedious and lacking of stimulation.This can result from leisure and lack of interests

So let me help you with some of the interesting things that you can do when  bored.Spend your time productively even you are bored.

The truth is that everyone is bored, and devotes himself to cultivating habits.”

  1. Pull out your to do list, you will find at least one thing you can do now.
  2. Sing/dance to your favourite tune.
  3. Go for a walk.
  4. Pretend to be something(car, robot, etc.,)
  5. Have a look at something you see then close your eyes and try to memorize the image.
  6. Surf internet.
  7. Google something.
  8. Spend time on Facebook or twitter.
  9. Watch a movie.
  10. Rate passers-by.
  11. Learn a sport.
  12. Learn new food recipes and try them.
  13. Learn to play some musical instruments.
  14. Plant a garden.
  15. Dusting your room/house.
  16. Look for new words in dictionary and learn them.
  17. Watch T.V and pretend to be the on in T.V.

    Spending time with T.V
  18. Go for shopping.
  19. Read a newspaper .
  20. Create a website.
  21. Play video games.
  22. Braid your dogs hair.
  23. Read a novel.
  24. Do makeover.
  25. Do exercise.
  26. Go out and look around.
  27. Read Books.
  28. Hold your breath and see to what extent you can do that.
  29. Create a costume.
  30. Read online articles .
  31. Play games.

    Playing cards
    Play cards
  32. Climb a tree.
  33. Do puzzles.
  34. Write a short story.
  35. Write your own book.
  36. Build miniature models with cards,books,etc.,
  37. Write a letter to your loved one.
  38. Draw a picture.
  39. Style your hair.
  40. Do your laundry.
  41. Wash your vehicle.
  42. Clean up your computer.
  43. Write a poem.
  44. Paint your nails.
  45. Make paper flowers.
  46. Online shopping.
  47. Enjoy a relaxing bath.
  48. Call for a party.
  49. Arrange your books in alphabetical order.
  50. Practice writing with your non-dominant hand.
  51. Teach your dog a new trick.
  52. Balance a pen on your nose.
  53. Properly fold all your clothes.
  54. Learn a new language.
  55. Make a you tube video.

    SSpend some time for clothes
    Wash your clothes
  56. Stare at someone continuously.
  57. Wash your dishes.
  58. Fix things around you.
  59. Play card games.
  60. Make paper crafts.
  61. Watch a documentary.
  62. Run up and down stairs.
  63. Call people and hang before they lift.
  64. Collect different leaves and flowers in your locality.
  65. Hang out with your dear ones.
  66. Start a vegetable garden.
  67. Bake a cake.
  68. Open google maps and locate your own house.
  69. Learn a new skill.
  70. Budget your earnings.
  71. Go to library.

    Make green
    Grow a garden
  72. Count the number of ants in your house.
  73. Draw faces on eggs.
  74. Decorate your room with recycled materials.
  75. Create a treasure map.
  76. Go on a picnic.
  77. Take a road trip.
  78. Look through old pictures.
  79. Pretend as blind.
  80. Organise your files.
  81. Go swimming.
  82. Go to beach.
  83. Hold a funeral of a dead fly.
  84. Call a fiend.
  85. Go window shopping.

    Arrange it beautifully
    Decorate your room
  86. Count your teeth with your tounge.
  87. Count all red things in your house.
  88. Start a collection.
  89. Change passwords to your accounts.
  90. Glue people shoes to floor.
  91. Take photos of interesting things around you.
  92. Argue yourself.
  93. Ride your bike.
  94. Set goals.
  95. Put together some photo puzzle blocks.
  96. Paint a room.
  97. Learn the art of calligraphy.
  98. Try to catch 25 grapes in your mouth, one at a time.
  99. Read a comic book.
  100. Collect something unusual.

    Teach a new trick
    Train your dog
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  1. Hi Ramya

    Very good article, I specially like the points Balance a pen on your nose. Start a vegetable garden. Open google maps and locate your own house. and quite a few others. Keep it up.

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